Ethics control service

Terms of Service

The Agency for Legislative Initiatives Ethics Control Service (hereinafter the Service) is intended only to register and process information regarding violations of the NGO's Anti-Corruption Policy (hereinafter the Organizations or ALI). The organization reserves the right to refuse registration of incoming messages.
Your message will be processed in Ukraine. All legal relations arising from consideration of your message are governed by the laws of Ukraine.
Any terminology used in this document shall be interpreted in the same way as is defined in the legislation of Ukraine.

Personal Data Agreement

By clicking Continue, you, as the Subject of personal data, consent to the processing of your personal data and / or transfer to third parties or transborder transfer for the purposes related to their collection, processing and storage, as well as for the purpose of reviewing the message and organizing feedback with you.

You, as the Subject of personal data, agree to the processing of your personal data using or without the automation of ALI and / or the personal data manager on behalf of the Organization, and you agree that the NGO and its divisions may transfer personal data of the Subject of personal data to third parties in accordance with the law and the content of this form. A list of all organizational units can be found at

You acknowledge that prior to completing this form, you have been warned about entering your data in the Organization's personal databases, as well as about your rights and the persons to whom your personal data is transferred in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data”.

Emergency Help Warning

This Service is NOT an emergency service.
Do not use the Service for reporting events that pose a direct threat to life or property.
Messages submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response.
If you need immediate help, contact the law enforcement or emergency service nearest you.